To Each His Own - Charles Bender Performing Arts Center

To Each His Own

Date: 8/21/2021
Time: 1 PM & 7:45 PM

Stage Play Written By Larry Fletcher

Sarah Hucklebee takes pride in being the best and lead substitute teacher at the high school campus she’s worked at for many years. However, her neurotic and pious nature is a horrible combination for this new subbing assignment…sexual education. With the help of her daughter Naomi (who’s been lying about where she really works), her son Jack (a modern-day Robin Hood and Casanova) and soon to be son n’ law Abe (who’s a rookie cop, ambitious to make a name for himself) she hopes to overcome her anxiety and leave her substitute teacher reputation, flawless. Oh and there’s something small and furry that’s also invaded the bougie Hucklebee home, but with the help of old Mr. Larry Buggs (whose hearing aid sometimes works) whatever it is, will be exterminated…hopefully. It’s going to be a very interesting couple of days at the Hucklebee household. You don’t want to miss how this all works out, see you there!

Charles Bender Performing Art Center

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